The PrincipalMy name is Gail Keverne and I've been running Catkins Nursery from my home here in beautiful Bradford on Avon since 1987.

Catkins is a unique, home-based Nursery school in Bradford on Avon and we pride ourselves in offering an exciting home-from-home learning experience for children between the ages of 2 and 5 years.

We offer sessional care and Lunch Club five mornings a week (term times only).

There is good access, safe parking  just around the corner and links to local schools that go back nearly twenty-eight years.

We have a bright, purpose-built extension at the rear of our family home with plenty of space for messy playing and free access to the ground floor rooms in the house.  We have a high-fenced, beautifully-kept and stimulating garden that we all love to be in whenever the weather allows.

There is a calm and relaxing home environment that makes it easy to learn new and sometimes challenging things without even realising it.   It's  a cosy and stimulating classroom experience that all staff take great pride in.

You would be very welcome to come and take a look for yourself and no appointment is necessary. If you can though it is best to call ahead just in case we have all gone out on a nature walk*

Give us a call and come and visit...welcome.

Your sincerely,


Gail Keverne.

*  From time to time we go on a nature walk to the local woods or somewhere else within walking distance.