Past Parent's Comments


Now the time has come for the last of my children to wave goodbye as he stands in your magical garden and I’m fighting back the tears (unsuccessfully)which spring from my deepest heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful start you have given my children.

Thank you for the memory of him kissing you goodbye after only a couple of sessions of attending Catkins.

Thank you for the way he pauses expectantly when he walks in and the warm greeting he knows he’ll receive and how you’ll notice his tee-shirt or a toy he’s brought to show.

Thank you for all the artistic creations that decorate my wall’s (I’m running out of space!) – Especially from his “Tiggy” period.

Thank you for the hope in his voice when he asks if it is Catkins today. Thank you for the pride he feels when he writes his name and for preparing him so well for school.

I could go on, but the biggest THANK YOU is for caring as you do and that he feels that we are so lucky to have you.” Victoria.

“Thank you so much for giving my child such a wonderful start-she has thoroughly enjoyed her time with you- you were so patient and sensitive to her needs (and mine!) which was greatly appreciated?

She has really grown in confidence and has particularly enjoyed the artistic activities- you have really inspired her.” Mel.

“Words aren’t enough to tell you guys how much we are going to miss Catkins. It’s the end of an era. Thank you for all the wonderful things you do with the children-our pre-school experience as a family has been marvellous.” Anna

“Our son really enjoyed the beach and seaside project-many thanks for your continued creativity and enthusiasm.” Jenny.

A big thank you for all you have done for our child-she loves going to Catkins-we've been thrilled with the support, guidance and care she's received. Catkins is so welcoming and friendly-we've loved being part of the 'family'. Kate

Walking into Catkins is like walking into a hug. Paula