Catkins Routine

  • 9:15 Registration/ Free play

  • 10:30 Snack

  • 10:45 Free Play / Outside Play

  • 11:30 Circle Time

  • 11:45 Lunch Club

  • 12:15 Free Play

  • 12:45 Circle Time

  • 1:00 Home Time

During registration we have our very own welcome song. We practice learning days, weeks, months, seasons of the year, events we have experienced such as a new baby in the family or show and tell activities which we share withh our friends.

Free play is the time the children can play, learn and socialise- there will also be opportunities for the children to participate in craft activities, have one on one time with their key worker and explore our outside space.

Snack time is a lovely social time for the children- they get to sit down next to a friend or sit with someone new and share stories about the day so far. We offer a wide variety of healthy snacks such as cheese, fruit, vegetables, crackers and rice cakes- every day is different and we try to tailor our snack to fit in with our topics, offering the children a chance to try exciting new foods. There is also milk and water available through - out the session.

Circle time is a time when we all come together again providing new learning opportunities, group games, show and tell, stories and letters/ sound activities.