Forest Childcare

We are members of the Forest Childcare Association. This means that we offer weekly outings to enable the children to develop skills from their out door environment. We have an explorer bear that travels with us on our outings and we have an out-door class room where we can continue developing our forests skills plus display our art work or collections from our trips.

Our sessions take place on alternative Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s ensuring all children get to take part in this enrichment. Sometimes we will be staying close to catkins doing things like blackberry picking to eat / make pictures with or collect nature items to create art work. Other times we will explore further – going to local woods, fields and areas of interests. If you would like to join us at any time on our outings then you are very welcome to join in the fun, just let us know beforehand what day you would like to come.

To be part of the Forest Childcare Association we comply with the following five principles.

1. The Forest Childcare Provider takes the children to an outdoor environment normally once a week.
2. Forest Childcare outings are made as safe as is reasonably possible by the childcare provider while encouraging children to learn to take their own risks.
3. Forest Childcare outings are taken all year long, so children go outside whatever the weather.
4. The Forest Childcare Provider offers a mixture of planned and child-led play activities to the children.
5. The Forest Childcare Provider is first aid certified.

a list of forest walk dates will be displayed on the parents notice board - please ensure your child wears weather appropriate clothing and shoes.