Learning at Catkins - 2 to 5 years

Our wonderful setting is designed to provide a varied and exciting curriculum for your child in which they can learn and develop positive social skills. We offer an interest-based learning experience having adults close by to model good behaviour, play skills and positive social encounters. Once a term we hold a focus group where we ask the children to bring in things that interest them. The staff then plan termly topics accordingly. For example, your child may bring in their favourite car and tell the group all the exciting things they do with their favourite toy. The staff will then plan activities and learning experiences around a topic of transport. Activities could include a bus trip, a visit from a police car, making prints with tyres, constructing roads in the garden and role- playing with machines.

At Catkins your child will have a Learning Journey folder - this will record their interests, achievements and development during their time at Catkins. This folder will be yours to keep when your child leaves Catkins - you can request to see it at any time.


Your child’s Learning Journey will include:

** Information 'All About Me'

** Photographs

** Observations

** Art/topic work examples

** WOW moments

** Transition reports

** Assessments/Progress Reports

** Photos/news from home



All photographs, observations and craft / topic work will be linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which is essentially a set of National Standards which follows your child’s development from birth to 5 years.